a dolphin trainer in a sentence

"a dolphin trainer" in Chinese  
  1. Typically, he said, a participant works with a therapist, a dolphin trainer and an intern who charts behavior.
  2. Tiz is also a dolphin trainer.
  3. In his early years Whynott worked as a dolphin trainer, fish curator, piano tuner, apiary inspector, track coach, and blues piano player.
  4. Blatter married for a third time on 23 December 2002, to Graziella Bianca, a dolphin trainer who was a friend of his daughter.
  5. I might be what my dad is when I grow up, but probably I will be a dolphin trainer because I love animals and a dolphin is one of my favorites.
  6. It's difficult to find a dolphin trainer in a sentence.
  7. Born in Oklahoma City, Harrigan grew up in Corpus Christi on the Texas coast, attended the University of Texas in Austin and published his first novel, " Aransas, " about a dolphin trainer.

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