a civil action in a sentence

"a civil action" in Chinese  
  1. "A Civil Action " was a finalist for the National Book Award.
  2. An individual may bring a civil action for private right of action.
  3. A CIVIL ACTION, by Jonathan Harr . ( Vintage, $ 13 .)
  4. A victim may choose to undertake a civil action against a violator.
  5. On Wednesday, prosecutors filed a civil action seeking to freeze Courtney's assets.
  6. It's difficult to find a civil action in a sentence.
  7. Yet " A Civil Action " did not have a charmed publishing history.
  8. "The Thin Red Line " and " A Civil Action ."
  9. Knopp said the couple will file a civil action against Turner.
  10. Situation : Mr A and Mr B are parties to a civil action.
  11. "A Civil Action, " by Jonathan Harr ( Random House ).
  12. Buried by any week's biggest renters ( " A Civil Action,"
  13. The Attorney General may also bring a civil action for relief.
  14. The 2010 complaint is the subject of a civil action against the archdiocese.
  15. A : But " A Civil Action " grossed over a hundred mil.
  16. A CIVIL ACTION, by Jonathan Harr . ( Vintage, $ 14)
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