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  1. Briefly, in northern climes, a change of air every two minutes is ample.
  2. I needed a change of air.
  3. This valve causes a change of air pressure within a channel that leads to all pipes of that note.
  4. He went to Castle Hill in the high country for a change of air, but returned even more ill.
  5. After Rossetti  had an attack of paralysis on one side, his medical adviser Mr John Marshall recommended a change of air.
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  7. For this excess he was arrested; but the duke released him, and took him for a change of air to his country seat of Belriguardo.
  8. A lifelong sufferer of asthma since she was two years old, she was frequently taken as a child to Okayama, where her grandparents lived, for a change of air.
  9. It's really an insignificant indisposition but nonetheless His Majesty is concerned and thinks it fitting for Her Highness the Princess to come to Y1ld1z for a change of air.
  10. Porter traveled with Dr . James K . Hall to Texas in March 1882, hoping that a change of air would help alleviate a persistent cough he had developed.
  11. Pierre was of fragile health, and his parents took him frequently to the countryside or beach resorts for rest and a change of air, or to Paris to visit the galleries of the Luxembourg Palace and the Louvre.
  12. The speed of weather systems typically brings a change of air mass every few days . This fall, the weather-system cycle in the Northeast has acted with unusual precision, delivering chilly air early in the week and mild air at the end.
  13. The doctors did not divulge their prognosis, but two days later Cevher Aa came in and announced to the Bakad1n Eleru Kad1nefendi, " The doctors have found that the Princess's lungs are a bit weak and they feel she needs a change of air.
  14. While some, caught in a rut of doing the same job for years, longed to expand their horizon, others hoped that a change of air and job specifications might just " grease their creaky creative joints " and get the motors up and running again.
  15. The poems in the " In and Out " section include " A Change of Air ", " You ", " Et in Arcadia Ego ", " On the Circuit ", " After Reading a Child's Guide to Modern Physics ", and " Whitsunday in Kirchstetten ".

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