a chancer in a sentence

  1. At least now they were talking about us having a chance.
  2. These need to be given a chance to produce political results.
  3. He's got a chance to make $ 200 million.
  4. It was a chance for them to create some incremental revenue,
  5. Metzenbaum did not get a chance to pursue the question Wednesday.
  6. It's difficult to find a chancer in a sentence.
  7. He was young, and they never gave him a chance.
  8. The 1970 final represented a chance for redemption for both countries.
  9. They've never had a chance to cross the road.
  10. The economic demographic gives everyone a chance at the good seats.
  11. The NFL, specifically the Washington Redskins, offered a chance.
  12. Doesn't he deserve a chance to clear his name?
  13. Or perhaps it's just a chance to get away.
  14. Coslet said Steinberg never gave him a chance to hire one.
  15. If anybody had a chance, they should have been here.
  16. "We didn't have a chance,"
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