a chance to die in a sentence

"a chance to die" in Chinese  
  1. One out of 10 mothers have a chance to die.
  2. In my country, one out of 10 newborn children have a chance to die.
  3. "I regret that . . . I did not have a chance to die for father, " he says.
  4. The great transfer of wealth to baby boomers is happening before most of the World War II generation get a chance to die.
  5. After the success of " JAM ", Chen completed a gangster film, " A Chance to Die ", once again getting financing from Japan.
  6. It's difficult to find a chance to die in a sentence.
  7. Too many Americans are denied a chance to die well because of inadequate care and lack of understanding of their needs, an expert panel from the Institute of Medicine said Wednesday.
  8. She asked Amy, " What is missionary life like ? " Amy wrote back saying simply, " Missionary life is simply a chance to die . " Nonetheless, in 1912 Queen Mary recognized the missionary's work, and helped fund a hospital at Dohnavur.

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