a chance in a million in a sentence

"a chance in a million" in Chinese  
  1. A chance in a million came true,
  2. Not a chance in a million.
  3. "I don't believe there's a chance in a million that they will get the signatures they need.
  4. "There's not a chance in a million this will get anywhere, " said Harvard law professor Stephan Thernstrom.
  5. Just days after Teng announced her plan, Secretary of State Jones blasted her, saying there was " only a chance in a million that the courts will find her proposal constitutional ."
  6. It's difficult to find a chance in a million in a sentence.
  7. Sophia explains that Jackman is a descendant of Doctor Jekyll, ( who died a virgin ), through Mr Hyde, and by chance a perfect natural genetic duplicate, " a perfect throwback, a chance in a million ".
  8. Then, Bloor wrote, he remembered that he had a company of Indians in his regiment who among them spoke 26 languages or dialects, and that " there was hardly a chance in a million " that the Germans could translate them.

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