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  1. A challenging job, more than enough money and plenty of freedom.
  2. That director, Louise Patrick, sees a challenging job before her.
  3. "But it's just a challenging job to beat Jumbo ."
  4. "It's a certainly a challenging job, " said McDonnell, who has 21 years of experience with the department.
  5. "I'm not making a lot of money, but it's a challenging job, and I'm doing things that are important ."
  6. It's difficult to find a challenging job in a sentence.
  7. For now, I have a challenging job where I can have an impact and maintain some kind of normal life.
  8. "It's a challenging job.
  9. "It is really a difficult time for us and this is a challenging job for us,'she said after the company's shareholders meeting.
  10. This was a challenging job, as the LMS was mix of traditional ASP, which Carlos had learnt in the way, and . NET technologies.
  11. "It's a challenging job market out there and some creativity is certainly in order, " said John Arany, a career counselor at California State University, Northridge.
  12. "It is a challenging job to lead South Africa, but I am happy and proud and hopeful to exercise my duty as per expectation, " said Smith, 22.
  13. Assigned to the Everett, Wash .-based frigate USS Ford, the 26-year-old 3rd class petty officer had a challenging job, a new bride and looked forward to a deployment to the Persian Gulf.
  14. It's a challenging job and we are up to the challenge . " _ _ _ = NIGHT LIFE @ At the end of grueling competitions most athletes might want to dive into the bed.
  15. "It's a challenging job without a doubt, with the type of players we're having to bring in, obviously with less experience, " he said . " But that's something I'm quite prepared to step up to ."
  16. Even the National Security Agency, once so secretive that officials jokingly said its initials stood for No Such Agency, has benefited from the outpouring of people interested in shoring up the nation's security and securing a challenging job.
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