a call to action in a sentence

"a call to action" in Chinese  
  1. The film includes a call to action to abolish the Federal Reserve.
  2. It generates a call to action that we can be the beneficiary of.
  3. The report should be a call to action for anyone of social conscience.
  4. The message is a call to action and a call to worship ."
  5. They also should have been a call to action for the front office.
  6. It's difficult to find a call to action in a sentence.
  7. Counterterrorism officials regard them as calls to action for field operatives.
  8. She decided to use her walk as a call to action.
  9. The events of September the 11th were a call to action,
  10. There are many conservative Catholics who hate and libel A Call to Action.
  11. This unvarnished voyeurism doesn't try to legitimize our prurience with a call to action.
  12. Birdwell encouraged all to " use your grief as a call to action ."
  13. This verdict is a call to action on domestic violence.
  14. In a compassionate nation, it is a call to action,
  15. "Tonight, I issue a call to action, " he declared.
  16. Scholz, the group's chief guitarist, songwriter and producer, simply issues a call to action.
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