a building in a sentence

"a building" in Chinese  
  1. A big statue of a dog on top of a building.
  2. One man who came out of a building was also hit.
  3. A U . S . company buying a building in Japan.
  4. He had difficulty getting a business loan and leasing a building.
  5. But then you could call the palace at Versailles a building.
  6. It's difficult to find a building in a sentence.
  7. Valdez says that may indicate a building up of subterranean pressures.
  8. The car was parked opposite a building housing European Union offices.
  9. Art gives a special signature to a building and its site.
  10. So in 1982 she rented a building on East Madison Street.
  11. Watching a building go up can be a revelation in itself.
  12. They destroyed a building and they scared us all very badly.
  13. It also is a building block of certain types of hormones.
  14. Wires from both containers stretched to a building near the bridge.
  15. The idea of a building as laboratory came immediately to mind.
  16. It is not reliably recorded that Midas ever touched a building.
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