a bright idea in a sentence

"a bright idea" meaning  "a bright idea" in Chinese  
  1. Both had a bright idea, but Heinz did it better.
  2. Eight years ago, Jeremy Cowan had a bright idea.
  3. Di Tella has had a bright idea : try goodwill, not propaganda.
  4. If I get a bright idea late at night,
  5. "It's a bright idea, but inappropriate,"
  6. It's difficult to find a bright idea in a sentence.
  7. During the same period engineers got a bright idea.
  8. But according to some local educators, that would not be a bright idea.
  9. Wright said spreading panic at this juncture won't be a bright idea.
  10. Now there's a bright idea.
  11. Somebody someday may even have a bright idea about " My Giant ."
  12. I've got a bright idea.
  13. From the Plaza darkness, a bright idea
  14. It all boils down to a bright idea for a good night's rest.
  15. Woody gets a bright idea, grabs the roll of tape and holds it up.
  16. Leonard said, " I think some faculty think it's a bright idea.
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