a book in a sentence

"a book" in Chinese  
  1. Robinson has barely been able to crack a book at Indy.
  2. But he said he had no plans to write a book.
  3. Any one of them might write a book about the experience.
  4. One of his most memorable pieces never appeared in a book.
  5. Friends have asked me about the experience of writing a book.
  6. It's difficult to find a book in a sentence.
  7. I want to write a book about writers that write books.
  8. For Updike these characters are more than names in a book.
  9. Now he writes corporate ads and has embarked on a book.
  10. An entire section of a book already behind schedule was rewritten.
  11. It tastes like sucking on a book of matches every day.
  12. Lukas told Gillen he wanted to write a book about busing.
  13. Earl has a book with Golf World senior writer Pete McDaniel.
  14. He spends his downtime in eastern Long Island with a book.
  15. He just bought a book on the best restaurants in Boston.
  16. Carr insists he set out to write just such a book.
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