a bird in a sentence

"a bird" in Chinese  
  1. A banquet for a bird who once went begging for handouts.
  2. My first thought was that a bird had hit the plane.
  3. Exotic flowers such as birds of paradise can set the tone.
  4. How long can a bird live with West Nile before dying?
  5. Going Online To Send a Bird Alert ( or Download One)
  6. It's difficult to find a bird in a sentence.
  7. The monarch is the only insect that migrates as birds do.
  8. I never expected to call up a bird like this one,
  9. Alexander meets a bird who has the powers of a wizard.
  10. And when a bird becomes drunk it gives off distress calls.
  11. The new book is as quiet as a bird in flight.
  12. And when you hear a song / or see a bird/
  13. They then moved on to sounds mimicking a bird distress cry.
  14. Officials suspect a bird landing on a wire was the cause.
  15. Play then bogs down when Guy decides he is a bird.
  16. After she rehabilitates a bird she may well write about it.
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