a big scar in a sentence

"a big scar" in Chinese  
  1. `I think he grows up with a big scar on his heart,"
  2. "This left a big scar on Abeer, " her mother, Maisoun.
  3. "If I don't fight the allegations, will inflict a big scar on my life,"
  4. I had a big scar on my stomach,
  5. I have a big scar across my face.
  6. It's difficult to find a big scar in a sentence.
  7. "If I don't fight ( the allegations ), it will inflict a big scar on my life,"
  8. On his neck the body has a big scar, which is believed to have caused his martyrdom.
  9. In the water I forget about my wound, even though there is a big scar on my stomach
  10. Sugisaka opens it to find the hijacker lying on the ground with a big scar on his forehead.
  11. "When the city demolishes a house, they don't plant grass, they don't plant trees, it's just a big scar ."
  12. The problem with this method _ which still has its loyal advocates _ is that it can leave a big scar and cause bald patches or numbness.
  13. Member of Black Code organization, former CIA agent and leader of the training operation, it's a man with just one eye, and a big scar in right eye.
  14. In a letter to the judge, Azmath said his experience of being labeled a terrorist had " left a big scar " and great uncertainty about his future.
  15. Nearby is an old eucalyptus scar tree which shows a big scar caused by harvesting of bark for a canoe by the original inhabitants of the Yarra River Valley, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation.
  16. Unfortunately, the cars he tunes are so powerful that they are extremely difficult to control, hence his reputation as the " Devil's Tuner . " Has a big scar on his face, presumably from a past racing incident.

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