a big pot in a sentence

"a big pot" in Chinese  
  1. A big pot of soup is always good for an impromptu gathering.
  2. As soon as it gets cold, I whip up a big pot.
  3. I make a big pot of chicken soup and add a pinch.
  4. To entertain a crowd, a big pot of cholent is a no-brainer.
  5. A big pot of vegetables can cook into a superb stew.
  6. It's difficult to find a big pot in a sentence.
  7. It's a big pot where everyone will seek to solve his own problems.
  8. Socially, it can appear a big pot of pluralistic, seat-of-the-pants chaos.
  9. Mostly, my wife hauls a big pot to a tap down the street.
  10. We cook up a big pot of chili, and have a good time.
  11. He puts a big pot of water on to boil and begins cooking.
  12. _Have a big pot of cooked pasta, in its cooking water, on the stove.
  13. So we've already got a big pot full of that.
  14. Every Thanksgiving eve, I put on a big pot of stock to simmer overnight.
  15. Just pour dry beans into a big pot or bowl.
  16. Another approach is always having a big pot of stew of the stove in winter.
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