a big number in a sentence

"a big number" in Chinese  
  1. But a big number of users was not his real goal.
  2. That's a big number, requiring aggressive growth expectations.
  3. I think 28 is a big number, to be honest.
  4. It wasn't a big number or a bad round.
  5. A big number of Serbians came to Ferizaj Merchants and Craftsman.
  6. It's difficult to find a big number in a sentence.
  7. "That's a big number ."
  8. "We've got a big number of delegates here.
  9. The $ 75, 000 fine was a big number to him.
  10. "It's a big number ."
  11. "That is a big number, " he said.
  12. That adds up to a big number over a period of years.
  13. Number Nine left a big Number Two on your head.
  14. "It's a big number,"
  15. That is a big number to get basically washed down the toilet,
  16. "That's a big number,"
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