a big match in a sentence

"a big match" in Chinese  
  1. It's obviously a big match and everyone is aware of that ."
  2. "It was a very hard game, a big match, " he said.
  3. It's a big match _ either I win or go home ."
  4. My will is always there, especially for a big match like today.
  5. You wake up differently when you play him in a big match,
  6. It's difficult to find a big match in a sentence.
  7. Capriati can't finish a news conference anymore, never mind a big match.
  8. "Of course it's a big match, " said Real's Brazilian superstar Ronaldo.
  9. I haven't played Pete in a big match in a long time.
  10. "Hopefully, I'll never have a big match until the semis or whatever.
  11. "It's been a while since I've beaten Jimmy in a big match,"
  12. I never lost a big match that way, " he said.
  13. This is a big match, like Milan-Lazio in the second round.
  14. Agassi has been known to brood and bristle after losing a big match.
  15. "Nigeria against Cameroon is always a big match, " he said.
  16. It was a big match and winning it means a lot to me.
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