a big kiss in a sentence

"a big kiss" in Chinese  
  1. She lands in the rumble seat and gives Donald a big kiss.
  2. He pulls Nadine over to him and gives her a big kiss.
  3. Tipper Gore gave the animal a big kiss between the eyes.
  4. On hearing these words, grandson hugged grandma and gave her a big kiss.
  5. When I came out here, I felt like giving you a big kiss,
  6. It's difficult to find a big kiss in a sentence.
  7. When he got back to the bench, Burba planted a big kiss on him.
  8. The little redhead wraps her arms around the headstone and plants a big kiss.
  9. "My mum's pregnant and I send her a big kiss.
  10. Give the little guy a big kiss for me.
  11. One priest told the paper that the archbishop warmly embraced him with a big kiss.
  12. I was so happy that I wanted to hug myself, give myself a big kiss.
  13. And he's doing it thanks to a big KISS.
  14. Beckham, the current poster idol of teenage Japanese girls, planted a big kiss on Ferdinand's forehead.
  15. Guests are invited to stroke Harrison Ford's chin, to plant a big kiss on Meryl Streep.
  16. Jackson opened last year's show by planting a big kiss on new wife Lisa Marie Presley.
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