a big house in a sentence

"a big house" in Chinese  
  1. Their first plan was to buy a big house for their family.
  2. A big house, a large lot, at a price I can afford.
  3. He lives in a big house in the middle-class suburb of Metairie.
  4. CuJo : " It was a big house with lots of rooms.
  5. Corti for consultation, then small office was converted into a big house.
  6. It's difficult to find a big house in a sentence.
  7. I could have had a big house and pool in Casa Grande.
  8. Do they live in a big house down the street from you?
  9. He was expecting a big house, so sure, he wanted to play.
  10. You build a big house with gates and more bathrooms than bedrooms.
  11. He and his wife bought a big house back home, in the Berkshires.
  12. Now that man is bigger than ever, with a big house.
  13. He wanted a big family, maybe four kids, and a big house somewhere.
  14. Nirmala along with her family moves to a big house given by Selvam.
  15. According to prevailing myth, he owns a big house and drives a Mercedes.
  16. We're used to playing before a big house, lots of fans.
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