a big hole in a sentence

"a big hole" in Chinese  
  1. A world with a big hole where something happy used to live.
  2. We dug such a big hole it was difficult to crawl out.
  3. Even a sports fan can appreciate a big hole in the ground.
  4. He went back to school with a big hole in his back.
  5. Greene said . " He has a big hole in his heart.
  6. It's difficult to find a big hole in a sentence.
  7. On that first mission there was a big hole in the tail.
  8. To make matters worse, Vulcan has a big hole in his head.
  9. I saw a big hole and just wanted to get through it.
  10. It has put a big hole in the way auctions are conducted.
  11. They had to rally from a big hole to beat the Giants.
  12. Miami jumped on us early and put us in a big hole,
  13. But her retirement immediately afterwards left a big hole in Spanish skiing.
  14. I fell into some bad habits and dug a big hole for myself.
  15. It can punch a big hole through concrete very, very fast.
  16. It blew a big hole high up here on my leg.
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