a big hit in a sentence

"a big hit" in Chinese  
  1. So far, the technology is a big hit with consumers.
  2. She certainly was a big hit with the youngsters on Tuesday.
  3. The rotation took a big hit when Astacio lost his touch.
  4. That was a big hit by Russell to pick us up,
  5. We just couldn't come up with a big hit.
  6. It's difficult to find a big hit in a sentence.
  7. My little joke was a big hit among my fellow travelers.
  8. It was a big hit and I feel happy about it.
  9. Yet the industry's reputation has taken a big hit.
  10. They started selling the ticket and it was a big hit.
  11. Snip-its seems to be a big hit with preschoolers.
  12. The wagons are expected to be a big hit for Saturn.
  13. Manipulating photos was also a big hit ( 80 percent ).
  14. I suspect Hillary Clinton will be a big hit in Chappaqua.
  15. That warm fuzzy team chemistry thing is taking a big hit.
  16. But instead it looks like it could be a big hit.
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