a big headache in a sentence

"a big headache" in Chinese  
  1. But this has turned into a major undertaking and a big headache.
  2. "This whaling ban is a big headache for us, " said Okamoto.
  3. Falcons center Robbie Tobeck could end up with a big headache Sunday.
  4. For most Bostonians the Big Dig has become a Big Headache.
  5. The brawny yen had been a big headache for Japanese exporters.
  6. It's difficult to find a big headache in a sentence.
  7. The issue has been a big headache for Hong Kong's government.
  8. If we talk now about unification, they will only have a big headache.
  9. It may come down to a big headache at the end.
  10. I think Mr . Roschacher initiated a big headache for himself.
  11. And for some companies, the change could be a big headache.
  12. To tell you the truth, the deficit is a big headache.
  13. He wrote further, " English is a big headache for me.
  14. But that's what also makes it a big headache ."
  15. "This is giving me a big headache, " he said.
  16. Billing for long-distance providers has been a big headache for the Atlanta-based Baby Bell.
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