a big head in a sentence

"a big head" in Chinese  
  1. It has a big head start in advertising, publicity and store exposure.
  2. We used to call it, back at Motown, getting a big head.
  3. Not that he has a big head; he'd never believe that anyway.
  4. I can't get too much of a big head next year ."
  5. He had problems with his legs and had also a big head.
  6. It's difficult to find a big head in a sentence.
  7. It had a big head, a skinny little body and was green.
  8. Pettway, 30, admits a big head presented a big target for Vaden.
  9. "I stay around people who don't let me get a big head.
  10. His acts as Big Head begin to take an emotional toll on him.
  11. I don't want to have a big head about this ."
  12. It is a rather dumpy horse, with a big head and long ears.
  13. As such, it enjoys a big head start on its competitors.
  14. If she gets a big head, I have to bring her back down.
  15. I really try not to get a big head about it.
  16. I think they already have a big head start over us.
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