a big haul in a sentence

"a big haul" in Chinese  
  1. That was a big haul for me.
  2. It is very rare that a big haul gets mined of over R500 000 in any given trip.
  3. He gets two Spanish-speaking employees to get the truck ready, and they set out north for a big haul.
  4. Joshua Bauchner, who spends most workdays stalking suspected copyright pirates on the Internet, is about to make a big haul.
  5. Lee said he didn't feel any pressure and thought a big haul of wickets was only a matter of time.
  6. It's difficult to find a big haul in a sentence.
  7. During the operation " we managed to get quite a big haul of weapons and a bigger haul of ammunition.
  8. In his three other first-class appearances he chipped in with the occasional wicket but was unable to take a big haul.
  9. We don't like to keep going back and forth ( to the mall ), so we try to make a big haul ."
  10. When we got to camp, the Mexican soldiers, then prisoners, saluted him and said'el presidente .'We knew then that we had made a big haul.
  11. He suffered a near knock-out blow in the so-called 1967 Opium War, fighting a pitched battle in Laos with his former Kuomintang comrades over a big haul.
  12. Frustrated authorities, who had hoped to bring in a big haul of narcotics and guns, said corrupt officials in this former Soviet republic probably had tipped off the drug dealers for bribes.
  13. Bostick noted in his memoirs that : When we got to camp, the Mexican soldiers, then prisoners, saluted him and said,  el presidente .  We knew then that we had made a big haul.
  14. For the Indians, Javagal Srinath once again grabbed himself a big haul, having Pollock caught at backward point for three, and Ntini caught deep at backward square leg for 10 off the last ball of the morning session.
  15. In the film, a single train carries more than $ 4 million because passengers are buying extra tokens to beat a midnight rate hike . ( Switching to a new token would also lead to a big haul for the Transit Authority.
  16. With more than two-thirds of the vote counted, computer analysis by the Australian Broadcasting Corp . showed the main opposition Labor Party had won a big haul of votes away from the government, but not enough to deliver them a majority in Parliament's House of Representatives.

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