a big gun in a sentence

"a big gun" in Chinese  
  1. I'm gonna get me a big gun, too.
  2. Scallion-A stereotypical tough guy with a big gun.
  3. He was a big gun in British India and later in Pakistan.
  4. The pleasure in killing demons with a big gun.
  5. You are a little man with a big gun.
  6. It's difficult to find a big gun in a sentence.
  7. Robert B . Parker is definitely a Big Gun, and deservedly so.
  8. There was a big gun in my front yard,
  9. Give him a full season, and he's a big gun.
  10. "It's a big gun, " he said.
  11. It heard like someone shot a big gun.
  12. Yet as big guns in the war on kudzu, goats have a few weaknesses.
  13. He pointed a big gun at him and ordered us to one side of the store.
  14. He's a big gun.
  15. He later told the dispatcher, " It's a big gun ."
  16. A big gun ( 20 goals, 45 points in 44 games ) stunted by injuries.
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