a big fix in a sentence

  1. Once, Medicare HMOs were promoted as a big fix.
  2. This is a big fix, and we did it in a special session.
  3. The Browns were in a big fix.
  4. He admits that " the health care delivery system is in chaos " and needs a big fix.
  5. However, the political climate in 1995 appears ripe for overhauling the system that many liberals and conservatives agree needs a big fix.
  6. It's difficult to find a big fix in a sentence.
  7. "It's an illusion to think that there's a big fix out there right now, " he said.
  8. "This is a big fix, " said Eddy W . Hartenstein, president of DirecTV, which is part of General Motors'Hughes Electronics subsidiary.
  9. Playoff or no playoff, the Bruins remain in need of a big fix, a position not unlike the one they were in when they made the move to bring in Bill Ranford.
  10. A short punt by Chicago put the zebras in a big fix : the XFL allows no fair catches but has a 5-yard " halo " rule, which means defenders have to give a guy five yards'room to catch the ball.

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