a big fish in a sentence

"a big fish" in Chinese  
  1. He came to his acceptance ceremony armed with a big fish story.
  2. It was a big fish, but not in the class of Ecker's.
  3. "There I discovered that I wasn't a big fish, " he said.
  4. If a big fish was caught, it had to be an Alpers.
  5. "He's a big fish because of his musical compositions, " the official says.
  6. It's difficult to find a big fish in a sentence.
  7. Meanwhile, Vidhya searches for diamond and spots it in a big fish tank.
  8. A big fish that he is sure is a marlin takes his bait.
  9. Will she remain a big fish in the smaller pond of Australian filmmaking?
  10. In some sense she is a big fish in a relatively small pond.
  11. They just spent $ 3.5 billion to swallow a big fish,
  12. For us, this is a big fish and a valuable brand.
  13. A big fish in 1973 weighed 55 pounds, Van Wormer said.
  14. It's hard to be a big fish in the Big Apple.
  15. They just spent $ 3 . 5 billion to swallow a big fish,
  16. She agrees that Chattanooga should look to land a big fish.
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