a big dog in a sentence

"a big dog" in Chinese  
  1. If a big dog attacks a small dog, then I am outraged.
  2. Lately, the National Rifle Association has been howling like a BIG dog.
  3. A big dog would always be waiting at one of the doors.
  4. If you own a Bentley, you may indeed be a big dog.
  5. :: : : Record a big dog barking and play that occasionally.
  6. It's difficult to find a big dog in a sentence.
  7. Do you have a big dog who insists on running away?
  8. They have a few horses and a big dog named Hannibal.
  9. Armstead has remained a big dog, the unquestioned leader in the Giants'locker room.
  10. "Why don't you get a big dog ? " several friends have asked.
  11. He also arrived at one home and was greeted by a big dog.
  12. If a small dog attacks a big dog, I figure justice has been done.
  13. But, as usual, when a big dog walked into the ring, the Mustangs charged.
  14. It has a young girl and a big dog in the back seat, too.
  15. It was our party, but we didn't have a big dog in the fight.
  16. A chase ensues but a neighbour with a big dog scares away the pirate.
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