a bag of wind in a sentence

"a bag of wind" in Chinese  
  1. But, it ain't heavy, it's just a bag of wind ."
  2. The wind god Aeolus ( Michael J . Pollard ! ) and his gift of a bag of wind.
  3. But if, as I suspect, it is only a bag of wind, I shall name it Chauncey Depew . "
  4. George Shannon Long was as phony as a three-dollar bill, and most everyone but George knew he was a bag of wind.
  5. "There was no reason for Shawn Berry to believe that Bill King was anything other than a bag of wind, " the attorney said.
  6. It's difficult to find a bag of wind in a sentence.
  7. Neptune's sympathetic daughter, Princess Mindy, gives Spongebob a Bag of Winds so that they can return from Shell City once they find the crown.
  8. When his father and the local canon, a bag of wind played by Leo Leyden, have a game of checkers, Private Gar is sent into helpless raptures of ridicule at the emptiness of the rituals.
  9. Odysseus travels to an island where Aeolus ( Michael J . Pollard ) provides him with a bag of wind to help him home, instructing him to open it when he gets close to Ithaca.

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