a bad lot in a sentence

  1. Up to now, he's just the best of a bad lot.
  2. Journalists tend to be disorganized, and I'm the worst of a bad lot.
  3. In the meantime, he tries to make the best of a bad lot.
  4. This year, Jackson was the best of a bad lot.
  5. At best, they're the best of a bad lot.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad lot in a sentence.
  7. It just means he's the most dominant pitcher of a bad lot . . ..
  8. :The IP sounds like a bad lot, but comparative genetics are not per se racist or antisemitic.
  9. "GM's the best of a bad lot, " said David Healy, an auto analyst for Burnham Securities.
  10. Right now the Redskins, despite a group of good young players, are the worst of a bad lot.
  11. Pressed further, Secord conceded what appeared to be a common sentiment, " Dole might be the best of a bad lot ."
  12. The Cowboys seem closer to being the worst of a bad lot than the best, but the spectrum is considerably narrower than usual.
  13. Locals considered these troops, with some recruited from Alcatrez Prison, as a bad lot including one of the fort's lieutenants who murdered John Burt.
  14. Wetlands laws may be the worst of a bad lot because the 1972 enabling legislation mentioned only rivers, but not " wetlands " per se.
  15. Or Russia, where the rise of ethnic, religious, and nationalist passions has led Washington to back Boris Yeltsin, the best of a bad lot of would-be czars-through-election.
  16. He spoke beneath a framed picture of the Red Sea parting, and said that he was voting for Sharon as " the best of a bad lot ."
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