a bad life in a sentence

  1. "It's a bad life, but it's impossible to jump out of ."
  2. -- Don't think that moving will make a bad life idyllic.
  3. I might have decided right there, " This isn't a bad life ."
  4. Music wants to dictate a better life, against a bad life.
  5. That's not a bad life skill for navigating an unfair world.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad life in a sentence.
  7. I hear from them every six months, and they have a bad life,
  8. His smile said, " Not a bad life, huh ?"
  9. I didn't have a bad life, I didn't grow up feeling deprived or repressed.
  10. All in all, not a bad life for a couple of semi-normal New Yorkers.
  11. When you stay close to your land and animals, you cannot have a bad life.
  12. "I may have had a bad life, but I'm making it better, " she said.
  13. Raquel had a bad life, was abused by her stepfather, killed him, ended up in prison.
  14. It wasn't a bad life _ good pay undiminished by taxes, no rent and free food.
  15. "You know, this hasn't been a bad life.
  16. We had been through such a bad life,
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