a bad king in a sentence

  1. More than a third of those questioned said they believed Charles would make a bad king.
  2. According to Steven Runciman Richard was " a bad son, a bad husband and a bad king ".
  3. However Bres turned out to be a bad king who forced the Tuatha D?to work as slaves and pay tribute to the Fomorians.
  4. Is it because he was a bad king, or is he just unpopular ?  Preceding contribs ) 23 : 48, 27 January 2008 ( UTC)
  5. But he was not, by any measure a bad king, and his reign was one of the most successful, perhaps the most successful, in all of British history.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad king in a sentence.
  7. The bridegroom was a carpenter, among the first adventurers who ascended the Powhatan, then named James in honor of a bad king; and the bride was waiting-maid to " Mistress Forrest, " wife of Thomas Forrest, gentleman.
  8. He was a bad king : his great exploits, his military skill, his splendour and extravagance, his poetical tastes, his adventurous spirit, do not serve to cloak his entire want of sympathy, or even consideration, for his people.
  9. Danny Kaye is at his agile best as a traveling entertainer who gets mixed up in court intrigue when he agrees to masquerade as a bad king's new jester in order to restore a good king to the throne.
  10. While Fortunatus tends to embellish or even mock the happenings and truth of the situations he writes about, there is an element of inferred truth, whether it is his classical embellishments on the marriage panegyric for Sigibert, or his recalling the traits of the ideal ruler to correct a bad king.

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