a bad job in a sentence

  1. If they are doing a bad job, we can kick them out.
  2. Not a bad job for the former Baby B's pilot . ..
  3. But that doesn't mean Henson was doing a bad job, Rivkin stressed.
  4. Even Tori Spelling plays herself _ and, appropriately, does a bad job.
  5. I would have made a bad job and a bad movie ."
  6. It's difficult to find a bad job in a sentence.
  7. If Wikipedia is doing a bad job, the winner is Wikipedia Review.
  8. Mike didn't have a chance to do a bad job ."
  9. "She hasn't done a bad job, " he said of Whitman.
  10. The public schools do a bad job of teaching American history and politics.
  11. Airlines get criticized if they do a bad job of it.
  12. "I don't think Nellie did a bad job, " he said.
  13. He said the government had done a bad job explaining its reform agenda.
  14. Eventually making the best of a bad job, Florelia marries Hortensio.
  15. To his credit, Karl acknowledged Monday he did a bad job.
  16. I just don't want them to leave because this is a bad job.
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