a bad egg in a sentence

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  1. They will be willing to concede that he is a bad egg.
  2. When they have identified a bad egg they should rectify that,
  3. Gooden was already serving suspensions for substance abuse, and Strawberry was a bad egg.
  4. Cooper told Kilkelly that " As a character, Trevor is aggressive and a bad egg.
  5. There doesn't seem to be a bad egg in this whole prison full of convicts.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad egg in a sentence.
  7. Are you a good citizen or a bad egg, or do you fall somewhere in between?
  8. By all reports, Alpirez is a bad egg.
  9. Everybody connected to the company was stellar : there wasn't a bad egg in the basket.
  10. He's kind of a bad egg, " said Jim DeMartini, chairman of the Stanislaus County Republican Party.
  11. That's like saying the fellows over at Riker's Island are trying to kick out a bad egg.
  12. "A bad egg always picks the most pivotal moment to do a bad deed, " the editorial said.
  13. But instead, I watched Irabu and the Rangers cough up their early lead like a bad egg roll.
  14. "A bad egg always picks the most pivotal moment to do a bad deed, " the pro-government Taiwan Daily editorial said.
  15. It's a job that tests his moral timber as Louis is a bad egg who lets the peasants starve while he eats before a banquet table.
  16. Last year, on the annual Porsche Drive for Hope from Alaska to Tijuana, Mexico, via Georgia, I was sidetracked by a bad egg-salad sandwich in Little Rock.
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