a bad dream in a sentence

"a bad dream" in Chinese  
  1. OCT . 30 I want to forget yesterday like a bad dream.
  2. The story : Wes Craven's movie is a bad dream come true.
  3. I keep expecting to wake up tomorrow and it's a bad dream.
  4. To many, the changes have been an awakening from a bad dream.
  5. But most of Mugler's latest clothes are really only a bad dream.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad dream in a sentence.
  7. We came back and turned it all into a bad dream.
  8. You almost think that it was a bad dream, a nightmare.
  9. These pictures are a bad dream you can't turn away from.
  10. She would suddenly awake, thinking it had been a bad dream.
  11. There is a lot of denial, people thinking this is a bad dream,
  12. Much of this season has been like a bad dream for the Jets.
  13. Part of me is hoping this is all a bad dream.
  14. The witness said, " this was like a bad dream ."
  15. Every day I wake up and wish it was just a bad dream,
  16. If Freud had a bad dream, it would probably be Floyd.
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