a bad cough in a sentence

"a bad cough" in Chinese  
  1. :: Rain soaked boots and a bad cough led to the youthful deportee.
  2. She starts to recover, but has a bad cough, which develops into pneumonia.
  3. I can say that I have a shoulder injury or a bad cough.
  4. Hui Min has a bad cough for a long time.
  5. "Just a bad cough and a cold, " he said.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad cough in a sentence.
  7. Matthau was taken to an undisclosed hospital on May 16, complaining of a bad cough.
  8. His wife, Inte, had a bad cough and a skin fungus all over her body.
  9. "But he has a severe cold, a bad cough and there's a danger of complications ."
  10. Lynne Cheney, the vice president's wife, said the entire family has had a bad cough and cold.
  11. She also was told that Mark had developed a bad cough and might have broken a couple of ribs.
  12. While in a shopping centre with Resa, he notices that Resa has developed a bad cough and is unwell.
  13. "Absolutely, a prenup, " she advises, " unless the man is 90 with a bad cough and a walker ."
  14. _Don't exercise if you have symptoms below the neck such as a bad cough or a fever or muscle aches.
  15. He's the one who knows if his brother, Ryan, has a bad cough or if the phone's off the hook.
  16. I've been trying to shake a bad cough, the kind that grabs you and shakes you, for almost a month.
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