a bad business in a sentence

"a bad business" in Chinese  
  1. At Wharton, they would refer to that as a bad business decision.
  2. A few million units a year _ that's not a bad business.
  3. Most of the time, being a bad business person is not criminal,
  4. Critics say that's a bad business model in light of America's changing demographics.
  5. They said it was a bad business decision to move forward.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad business in a sentence.
  7. These people are very reputable, but this is still a bad business practice.
  8. Chapter 11 is not designed to fix a bad business model,
  9. And yet this is a bad business at any age.
  10. It's not like there's a bad business climate here ."
  11. A bad business deal mires him in land development hell.
  12. Maybe that isn't a bad business to fall back on.
  13. A union official called the move a bad business decision.
  14. The connection, they said, had to be a bad business decision on Leavitt's part.
  15. PET is not going to stay a bad business forever,
  16. Outdoorliving . com, for example, he said, " isn't a bad business school concept.
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