a bad break in a sentence

"a bad break" in Chinese  
  1. "Just a bad break, " he said.
  2. It was a little bit of a bad break for us.
  3. Call it a bad break for Taylor, which it is.
  4. I kind of got a bad break, then I choked,
  5. If you have a bad break, sometimes this team gets down,
  6. It's difficult to find a bad break in a sentence.
  7. A bad break can get a team out of there.
  8. It was a bad break for Lowe because of what happened next.
  9. "I got a bad break, " he said.
  10. I threw it good, got a bad break.
  11. I got a bad break and then I choked.
  12. Rivera's big break, though, was really a bad break.
  13. I said the only thing that could beat us was a bad break,
  14. We had a bad break on the first goal,
  15. "It's just kind of a bad break ."
  16. The sad kid who got a bad break.
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