a bad boy in a sentence

  1. But you know the best thing about being a Bad Boy?
  2. "But I'm so not a bad boy.
  3. Arlo is characterised as a bad boy with a criminal history.
  4. Being a Bad Boy opened so many doors for me.
  5. "We're not a bad boys organization,"
  6. It's difficult to find a bad boy in a sentence.
  7. She immediately finds Cross attractive in a bad boy sort of way.
  8. He's just a bad boy sometimes ."
  9. Many still view him as a bad boy and a negative influence.
  10. Shawn takes more risks and has more of a bad boy image.
  11. Is there such a thing as a bad boy?
  12. "He said, ` You a bad boy, "'
  13. "He said, ` You a bad boy . "'
  14. Jerry Lynn Williams was never really a bad boy.
  15. "He's not a bad boy.
  16. I was a bad boy _ and I liked it at the time,
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