a bad book in a sentence

  1. Shame to waste such a sexy cover on such a bad book!
  2. It's not a bad book, but that's not my vocation ."
  3. This is not a bad book, but it's not a good one, either.
  4. If it's cheap romance you crave, read a bad book.
  5. Do these things make " Hannibal " a bad book?
  6. It's difficult to find a bad book in a sentence.
  7. The issue isn't that Tapia has written a bad book.
  8. Which in no way means " The Last Precinct " is a bad book.
  9. :Your sociology book seems to be a bad book.
  10. Nevertheless, not a bad book for a summer weekend.
  11. Not a bad book to curl up with in front of a fire this winter.
  12. "It's a bad book, " he said.
  13. Anything, that is, except a bad book.
  14. "Gettysburg " is a bad book.
  15. The final result is a merciful twist on the typical scenario : a good movie from a bad book.
  16. Dick Francis has never written a bad book, though as with all mystery writers, he has his ups and downs.
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