a bad bargain in a sentence

  1. Hostility soon mounted as the Caribs realized they had made a bad bargain.
  2. Not a bad bargain for someone getting a free computer.
  3. And Deutsche Telekom's French rival airily dismissed the whole notion as a bad bargain.
  4. The Kremlin is selling Washington a bad bargain when it proposes collaboration against terrorism.
  5. That might not seem like a bad bargain, especially to anyone sitting in traffic today.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad bargain in a sentence.
  7. That may have been " a bad bargain " for Holocaust victims, Eizenstat noted on Wednesday.
  8. It is the best of a bad bargain.
  9. But it's a bad bargain for children.
  10. Florence's letter advises Mantua to let the young lovers marry, and Mantua decides to make the best of a bad bargain.
  11. Critics, including high-ranking members of the Yeltsin administration, say Lebed made a bad bargain that is tantamount to defeat on the battlefield.
  12. Resh Lakish interpreted the words " Korah . . . took " in to teach that Korah took a bad bargain for himself.
  13. And, all things considered, having him locked up may not be a bad bargain, compared with the costs of him running amok in the world.
  14. In this case he would have exercised discretion under s 2 ( 2 ) so as to prevent William Sindall plc escaping from a bad bargain.
  15. If that sounds like a bad bargain, there are deeper compromises to contemplate in today's corporate world of flex time, teams and short-term projects, according to Richard Sennett.
  16. If the conclusion is that it was a genuine arm's length transaction then it will stand, even if it may, with hindsight, appear to have been a bad bargain.
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