a bad apple in a sentence

  1. "We might have a bad apple out there . " _ _ _=
  2. As in any business, you always risk getting a bad apple.
  3. While Wheatley is viewed by some as a bad apple, he is not.
  4. You can't expect a bad apple to be anything but a bad apple.
  5. You can't expect a bad apple to be anything but a bad apple.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad apple in a sentence.
  7. To get a bad apple, do you cut the entire tree?
  8. "You have a bad apple in every bunch, " she said.
  9. Look beyond this one case, this is a bad apple.
  10. Volpe's lawyer, Nathaniel Dershowitz, said : " It's not that he's a bad apple.
  11. "I'm just trying to be a professional about it, not be a bad apple.
  12. "I don't want to seem like a bad apple,"
  13. On the down side, Sierra has a reputation as a bad apple in the clubhouse.
  14. There are occasions when you have a bad apple.
  15. But others say he's always been a bad apple.
  16. Occasionally a bad apple will show up at a convention, but that's rare, say members.
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