a bad actor in a sentence

  1. Comcast is a bad actor in an industry that has abused the public.
  2. If there's a bad actor, we can punish, " he said.
  3. But his father wasn't a bad actor, and Unbridled's Song is.
  4. It's like Freddie Prinze Jr . slamming Gene Hackman as a bad actor.
  5. After all, what is a politician but a bad actor?
  6. It's difficult to find a bad actor in a sentence.
  7. "He's looked at in public as a guy who's kind of a bad actor,"
  8. "But you don't fill seats because you're a bad actor.
  9. "My name is Jerry Seinfeld, and I am a bad actor, " he confessed.
  10. He admits that he always considered Simpson a bad actor but " not anymore ."
  11. He likes to be a bad actor at times, " said Ward, a Kentucky-based, third-generation horseman.
  12. Around the track, some called Unbridled's Song a bad actor for his head-strong, sometimes problematic ways.
  13. The worst sin is to be a bad actor who can't keep to Washington's pre-approved scripts.
  14. They get production out of a bad actor.
  15. If there is anything first-year Coach Rob Evans and his staff can't stand, it's a bad actor.
  16. For example, where a bad actor agrees to convey the same real property to multiple other parties.
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