a and m records in a sentence

  1. A and M Records has strategically used soundtracks for two of its artists.
  2. In 1962, Alpert and friend Jerry Moss started A and M Records.
  3. 20 years ago : The Police were signed by A and M records.
  4. "For the Masses " ( A and M Records ) _ Various
  5. A and M has since become a part of Interscope / Geffen / A and M Records.
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  7. A and M Records says it since has become the top-selling single of all time in the United Kingdom.
  8. Allan was good enough to merit an offer of a recording contract from A and M Records when he was 15.
  9. PolyGram bought A and M Records in 1989, but was acquired by Seagram Co .'s Universal Music last year.
  10. The shelves in his office at A and M Records are lined with tapes of every musical note played at Woodstock'94.
  11. The revised lawsuit claimed Universal executives destroyed A and M Records following Universal Music Group's dlrs 10.4 billion acquisition of Polygram.
  12. Then three days before Edenstreet's first single was to be released this winter, their company, A and M Records, ceased to exist.
  13. LOS ANGELES ( AP ) _ Los Angeles Lakers star Shaquille O'Neal has signed a long-term marketing and distribution deal with A and M Records.
  14. The 12-song collection, titled " Karen Carpenter " and recorded in 1979, will be released by A and M records on Oct . 8.
  15. There was a keen sense of competition among the bands at Woodstock who recognized the importance of the venue, said Larry Hamby, an executive at A and M Records.
  16. A and M Records stood for its founders, trumpet player Herb Alpert and partner Jerry Moss, and was run out of Alpert's garage when started in 1962.
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