a and b side in a sentence

  1. It contains many A and B sides and some rarities.
  2. In December, 2007, Panama and the Costa Rica A and B sides.
  3. That year Belmont qualifyied both their A and B side to the National Sevens Championships.
  4. They may have decided at the last minute to change the A and B sides around.
  5. The first two were selected for the A and B side respectively, and the single was released on 7 March.
  6. It's difficult to find a and b side in a sentence.
  7. Why do the two song articles need to be merged because they formed the A and B sides of the single?
  8. For a future vinyl release, the band already released " Soltasbruxa " divided in A and B sides at SoundCloud.
  9. Many of Nelson's early records were double hits with both the A and B sides hitting the " Billboard " charts.
  10. Four songs would appear as A and B sides on singles, including " The World Ain't Round It's Square ."
  11. That year, they released three singles, two of which featured double-sided vocals and one of which had instrumental A and B sides.
  12. Athletes from Munroe have gone on to win several A and B side championships, and the school continues to offer a strong extra-curricular sports program.
  13. Originally, the record's A and B sides were to be stylistically contrast to each other, and written separately by Nugent and Farmer, respectively.
  14. The 7 " features an A and B side, with a digital download card for three additional tracks, including a cover of The Hollies', Carrie Anne.
  15. Originally Young had intended for the A and B sides of the LP to be in reverse order but was convinced by David Briggs to swap them at the last moment.
  16. Basically something that diffs two source files, and puts up a three-pane window, with files A and B side by side, and the merged result underneath.
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