a and an in a sentence

"a and an" in Chinese  
  1. Even those where both a and an could be acceptable.
  2. One missed fact could mean the difference between an A and an A -.
  3. "But it's the difference between an A and an A +,"
  4. The 14-30 has a rating of 30 A and an L-shaped neutral pin.
  5. The 14-30 has a rating of 30 A and an L-shaped neutral blade.
  6. It's difficult to find a and an in a sentence.
  7. It consists of a free-climbable pitch, followed by a and an pitch which is choked with shingle.
  8. In 1976 three more As and an AL were added, later joined by another A and AL, all overhauled.
  9. Each school is to be graded between an A and an F . Schools that improve are rewarded $ 100 per pupil.
  10. The single consisted of a " Big Band version " of the song on Side A and an " Acoustic version " on Side B.
  11. Christian Vieri's late penalty Sunday gave Inter a 2-1 win over Chievo in Serie A and an early lead in the standings.
  12. He was told at the end of the second series he was dying ( the name of the cause was later revealed to have an A and an E in it ).
  13. He wore a blue Italian soccer shirt, then lifted it to reveal a white T-shirt with the letters U-S-A and an American flag printed on it.
  14. Prior to Sterling, Derr served as and an alumni leader and ultimately Interim President of his alma mater, Antioch College, where he is credited with successfully leading the effort to revive the institution.
  15. This included book signings, a Q & A and an appearance on " The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon " where Kiedis sat in the entire show with The Roots performing Chili Peppers songs.
  16. The two reaction shown below are an intramolecular Diels-Alder reaction towards (  " )-fusarisetin A and an intermolecular hetero-Diels-Alder reaction towards (  " )-epibatidine, respectively.
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