a and a in a sentence

  1. Two types of these vessels were built, a and a.
  2. The next semester I made four As and a C in French.
  3. Year 11 and 12 students take up AS and A level courses.
  4. Vajrayogin +  is a and a Vajrayana Buddhist icmadevat.
  5. It had a and a range on a full charge.
  6. It's difficult to find a and a in a sentence.
  7. The cartridge is available in two lengths : a and a version.
  8. Use that along with a and a fair use rationale.
  9. The Tahirides entered San'a and a reign of terror ensued.
  10. where a and A refers to the rectangular dimension of the aperture.
  11. It is classified as a and as a by the Japanese government.
  12. Jubb also describes himself as a and a specialist in colloidal biology.
  13. I wanted a side A and a side B.
  14. The constants and can be generated as and as.
  15. There are a few public beaches as well as and a provincial campground.
  16. It comes as close to the Galactic Center as and as distant as.
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