a an the in a sentence

  1. In December 1946 he was confirmed as an The Citadel.
  2. In his early career, serving as an The Crow.
  3. Her first screen appearance was as an The Painted Veil, starring Greta Garbo.
  4. In 1957 the Japanese Government designated " nMgaku " as an the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO as N鬵aku theatre.
  5. After a few live appearances, the band recorded a demo consisting of nine songs, which ought to have been released as an the war broke out.
  6. It's difficult to find a an the in a sentence.
  7. As an The Maury Povich Show ", " The Man Show ", and a television pilot that featured Sheryl Crow and Michael Moore.
  8. He starred in a number of film roles during and after " Magnum "; among the most notable were as an The Love Letter ".
  9. In 1993, the book was adapted as an The movie dramatized, with some artistic license, both the book and real events in the life of Bill Kraus.
  10. It was split off and created as an the independent "'Seal of Solomon "'with the single class of Collar by Emperor Haile Selassie I in 1930.
  11. He worked as an The History of Future Folk " and the Adult Swim television series " The Heart, She Holler " and " Delocated ".
  12. Two multi-sectoral groups are pushing for the passage of Senate Bill 1816, otherwise known as an the " Act Regulating the Practice of the Merchant Marine Profession in the Philippines ."
  13. Other notable staffers in its early years included the station's first weathercaster, Shelby Storck, and future Hollywood character actor Owen Bush, who served as an The Lord's Prayer ."
  14. In " The Wee Free Men ", one of the last things that Tiffany saw when she was " " truly awake " " was Granny Aching, dressed as an the Chalk.
  15. Selected 82nd by the former Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs in the fourth round, Conklin, a schoolboy hero from Yakima and the University of Washington, was brought in as an the quarterback-in-waiting behind Mark Rypien and Stan Humphries.
  16. With improved Internet connections and features that allow better integration of communications _ e-mail, fax and voice _ Windows 95 is expected to set the stage for a PC boom, not just as a stand-alone device but as an the " information appliance " of the future.
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