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  1. Power electronic devices may be used as switches, or as amplifiers.
  2. It is possible to construct non-Foster networks using active components such as amplifiers.
  3. :You will need to design a Class A amplifier with resistors to define gain.
  4. Electronic feedback loops are used to control the output of electronic devices, such as amplifiers.
  5. Class-A amplifiers set their output transistors to be operated in their most accurate, and most inefficient, range.
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  7. Another application is in DC class-A amplifiers.
  8. A class-A amplifier, by contrast, must use a device capable of dissipating several times the output power.
  9. This is especially needed with non-class-A amplifiers.
  10. Class-A amplifiers measure best at low power.
  11. A " class-A amplifier " is distinguished by the output stage devices being biased for class A operation.
  12. SOA specifications are useful to the design engineer working on power circuits such as amplifiers and foldback circuits.
  13. Gryphon 100-watt-per-channel class-A amplifiers dissipate over 400 watts per channel even with no signal applied to their inputs.
  14. The LM358 is designed for general use as amplifiers, high-pass filters and low, band pass filters and analog adders.
  15. A push pull amplifier draws little power with zero signal, compared to a class-A amplifier that draws constant power.
  16. Some audiophile equipment, such as amplifiers, continues to be point-to-point wired using terminal pins, often in very small quantities.
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