a ample in a sentence

"a ample" in Chinese  
  1. Post-graduate degrees are also offered, as well as ample research posts.
  2. This game serves as ample enough evidence that you've got it.
  3. It also has two twin beds, as well as ample closet space and drawers.
  4. But the school as ample facilities on which Boris can expend his youthful energies.
  5. Sugalski also previously performed as Ample Mammal, a musical side project of The Polish Ambassador.
  6. It's difficult to find a ample in a sentence.
  7. Summery warmth will linger in Florida as ample sunshine lifts daytime temperatures well into the 80s.
  8. The storms could be strong near the Colorado-Wyoming border as ample sunshine aids in destabilizing the air.
  9. As ample coal deposits abut the park, this strip mining threatened the web of ancient Chacoan roads.
  10. The remainder of the West, including the Rockies, will stay mainly dry as ample sunshine covers the region.
  11. Crude oil futures are expected to fall as ample overseas supplies outweigh any increase in domestic refinery demand.
  12. Negatives : High price; rear-seat knee room not as ample as it should be for a full-size sedan.
  13. The southern two-thirds of Florida will remain warm as ample sun boosts afternoon readings to near 80 degrees.
  14. The sad story of the LEAA, in fact, stands as ample warning of the inherent danger of block grants.
  15. And the local restaurant and caf?Ripples by the Bay, as well as ample parking caters for many people.
  16. The interior featured grand function rooms, including an elegant ballroom and world-class lounge, as well as ample guest accommodations.
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