a amber in a sentence

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  1. The largest and oldest of these was Jaipur, also known as Amber.
  2. Jaipur state was known as Amber between the fourteenth century and 1727.
  3. Rosenow made her debut screen appearance as Amber on 7 February 2013.
  4. As a divorc閑, she is correctly styled as Amber, Lady Leighton.
  5. For instance, Tenggara is hunting for a amber concession, either in Sabahor overseas.
  6. It's difficult to find a amber in a sentence.
  7. Then, as Amber becomes Becky's only real competition, the violence turns toward her.
  8. Their happiness is short-lived as Amber and Trudy are mysteriously kidnapped.
  9. As Amber hears these poems in class, she knows they are about her.
  10. This creature was in a amber the size of pear.
  11. Even the stone-hearted may shed a tear at " My Girl Is Fair as Amber,"
  12. Jessica Ellerby and Nathan Bryon joined the cast as Amber Platt and Joey Ellis, respectively.
  13. In 2006 the event saw the addition of a fashion show known as Amber Lounge Fashion.
  14. There's a twinge of the erotic as Amber and Giuseppe hunt for fish and play charades.
  15. So have scams; much of what is sold on the street as amber is really plastic.
  16. Amberton University was formerly known as Amber University and previously known as Abilene Christian University at Dallas.
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